Monday, October 4, 2010

What a week it was!!!

First of all, welcome to my newest followers! I must apologize for my lack of updates last week, but i was just so busy. This is a good thing, more to talk about, haha!

So my boss, Dr. Goldstein, has been in Turkey on vacation for 3 entire weeks. While he has been having a wonderful time, us girls in the office decided to take a day off all together and go to New York City. The six of us all piled into a Suburban and headed down early on Wednesday morning.
We got into the city around 11 am, parked 5 blocks from Times Square, and headed in. We found a wonderful place to have lunch, ate, and went to see the best Broadway show evaaaahhhhh, WICKED!!!! It was perfect and if you haven't seen it yet, you have to!!! I hear it's playing in Boston right now and it's a must see.

After the show, some of the girls went to the wax museum, some went shopping, and I went people watching on Times Square. I love to people watch, and doing it there is the best place in the world.

It was a long day, but worth the experience for sure, and i can't wait to go back.

So Saturday, i went to yoga with Pam which is becoming one of my favorite things to do. Everything about yoga is perfect. The breathing, the stretching and the self growth is amazing.

After that, Ron and I went on my favorite hike in the Mt Holyoke Range. We took the M and M trail to the Robert Frost trail, through to the Horse Caves and up Mt. Norwottuck and then down the mountain back to the visitor's center. I was able to help two parties of people with what i have learned on all of my hikes, and that felt awesome. I actually think there should be someone there during the weekends to talk to people and tell them where to go. I enjoyed finding out for myself, but the tourists have no idea where they are. One guy thought he was at Skinner Mountain, but that is about 3 mountains away!

That was the first part of the weekend, the second part is for another blog!

I was very happy that Ron went with me and i think he enjoyed it a lot. I think the next one I take him on will be up Bare Mountain.

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