Sunday, March 3, 2013

Change is good

YES!!! Today is Sunday and yes it is snowing but I am still going to hike! Why should a little snow flurries ruin my workout?

My eating habits are completely different than before. It's been 2 and a half weeks and I still feel awesome, other than the slight hangover I have from indulging in 80's rock n roll and Malibu and cranberry drinks last night. I have reintroduced grains, but I am still gluten free. So I've been making a batch of organic whole brown rice and steel cut oatmeal to use in meals for a few days. I also have some quinoa in my cupboard that for some reason I haven't used yet.

It's definitely a change, but I feel so great that it's worth it. I will take you through a normal day of eating. When I wake up I have a cup of tea, plain. I am basically having it for the caffeine. I don't want to give up that boost in the am. On my way to work I have oatmeal with honey, pecans, and a fruit, such as pear or apple. When I get to work I have my mango smoothie, which is so delicious, I am sad that I never knew how amazing mango is before now. For lunch I have been having a salad with organic spinach and greens, and anything that seems to be left in the fridge. So avocado, rice, apple, carrots, tofu, and sweet potatoes, or whatever else looks good. I make my own dressings with olive oil and lemon juice, or balsamic, or even soy sauce. They are SO much better, and cheaper than store bought. For dinner, it's been some sort of fish or tofu, with veggie stir fry with rice.

I've been left quite satisfied with this menu this past week but I want to change it up a bit this week. I think I am going to roast some root veg, like parsnip, beets, and maybe garlic and do something with them. Maybe I will get into that quinoa.

Some people may think this sounds so weird to eat this way and all I have to say to them is that I feel great. I have lost my bloated belly and have a ton of energy. As humans we have gotten away from eating properly and I feel that we are so bombarded with information and temptation every day that we either forgot how to eat, or never knew how to in the first place. It distresses me to know that this goes on and the people I love could have a shorter life or lack of quality of life because of their diet.

Ok, that's my peace for today- I am off to hike!

Be well my friends!