Wednesday, October 13, 2010

People are different

How is it fair that some people think they can walk all over other people only because they have different views than another?
For those who think they are so open to new things, open to alternative lifestyles, and full of liberal thinking-and i don't mean that in a bad way i just mean free thinking people- how can they blame others for thinking differently?

Seems ridiculous to me. and unfair. and ignorant.


  1. Hate, anger and insecurity make people say and do awful things, even if they think they are doing what's best. I have noticed since being a mom, it's very easy for one mom to judge how another mom handles her children and her home. I now understand that these judgements come from a place of some type of insecurity or intolerance. It's not easy, but with time I have been able to hear what's behind the judgements and hate. It has helped me let go of some experiences with people in my life that would otherwise nag at me and make me angry in return!