Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lazy sunday

Making chili today. It's coming out pretty good so far
I already had almost everything I needed for it
in the house. Making brownies and corn bread too.
It's been one of those days where I've been chillin inside
getting stuff done. Yesterday I went through all my
cupboards. It wasn't that bad of a job. Brought some
food items to granby food bank, some was expired, but I have
quite a bit to work with here already.
I decided I'm going to start sending all our
plastic bags to Lou the upcycler so I have a bag
almost full all ready to go. It's kind of
a new project to see how little I can put
in our landfill.

I also got rid of another bag of clothes
I never wear. Cleanin house! It's so freeing!

Almost time to eat!

1 comment:

  1. Just to clarify, I didn't bring expired food to the
    food bank. Unfortunately I had to throw some
    food out. I kept a lot, and then brought what I won't
    use to food bank!